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AK 533 Adhesive for mineral wool-based insulation


Instructions for use
Stir the bag contents manually or mechanically with specified amount of cold and fresh water to reach a homogeneous and required consistency. Allow 5 minutes and stir the prepared mix again. Use the adhesive within 1 hour from mixing with water. If the adhesive thickens in that period of time, stir it thoroughly without adding water. Adding too much water impairs all characteristics: adhesion, tensile strength and setting time. Spread a thin layer of the adhesive on the mineral wool board, rubbing it into the board surface before bonding.

Bonding mineral wool boards:
With the use of a trowel, the adhesive can be applied on the mineral wool insulation board “in spots” and all around the edges, bearing in mind that it should cover at least 60% of the board surface after pressing it against the wall. The adhesive can also be spread all over the board surface with a notched trowel. If wool lamellas are used, apply the adhesive all over their surface. Press the boards slightly against the wall. Board position can be adjusted within 10 minutes after bonding. Bond the boards within max. 20 minutes from spreading adhesive on the substrate. Fixing boards with the use of mechanical fasteners can be performed after at least 1 day, whereas the mesh can be embedded after 3 days after bonding the boards.

Embedding mesh:
Apply the adhesive with a trowel onto bonded boards and spread it with a notched trowel. Then, apply the mesh and press it with a plain side of the float into the adhesive layer so that the mesh is no longer visible. Apply another adhesive coat if necessary. Once the adhesive dries, any possible surface irregularities should be patched again or ground with sand paper. After the adhesive is fully dry (minimum 2 days), appropriate ALPOL plaster primer can be applied. The decorative plaster can be applied no sooner than 3 days after embedding the mesh in adhesive.

Substrate type
Cement, cement-lime and lime plasters. Walls made of ceramic and silicate bricks and blocks, cellular concrete blocks and others, concrete surfaces, mineral wool layer in thermal insulation systems.

Substrate preparation
For bonding mineral wool boards
Substrate should be dry, clean, stable, sound and even. New plaster work and concrete should be set and seasoned. Remove loose, cracked and brittle plasters and widen joints. Patch slightly chipped areas with ALPOL AZ 130 quick setting or ALPOL AZ 135 levelling mortar, apply ALPOL AT 310 plaster on larger surfaces. Remove contamination and peeling paint from sound plasterwork. Dedust the surfaces. Treat the loose substrate with ALPOL AG 700 and ALPOL AG 703 deep penetrating primer to reduce absorption, if necessary.

For embedding mesh on mineral wool boards
Mineral wool surface should be clean, stable and sound. Any gaps between boards should be filled with mineral wool strips cut to size. Spread thin layer of adhesive on the board surface and allow time until it initially sets.

Mixer or low-speed electric drill, basket mixer, notched trowel, float, trowel, container for the adhesive.

Working conditions
Work in ambient temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Do not add any other agents to the adhesive. Protect freshly applied adhesive work from excessive drying and moisture.

Store in original, unopened packages in dry place – shelf life 12 months from production date. Protect from moisture during transport and storage.

The specifications and instructions for use are given for the temperature of (20±2)°C and relative air humidity of (60±5)%. The workability may alter in different conditions. Becomes alkaline after mixing with water. Irritating to eyes and respiratory system. Appropriate eye, respiratory system and skin protection measures should be used. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep away from children. Use water to remove fresh dirt or ALPOL AI 770 cleaner to remove hardened dirt. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage caused by unskilful or inappropriate use of the product.

General recommendations
For more details on bonding insulation boards, embedding reinforcing mesh, insulating walls and repairing damages of the insulation coat see manufacturer’s instructions referring to ALPOL EKO PLUS WM thermal insulation system as well as the Building Research Institute (ITB) instructions No. ITB 418/2007, ITB 447/2009 and the information contained herein.

Composition: blend of cement and sand as well as mineral admixtures, additives and fibres
Bulk density approx. 1.5 kg/dm³
Appropriate amount of water between 5 and 6 dm³/25 kg
approx. 0.22 dm³/kg
Volume density of adhesive mix approx. 1.6 kg/dm³
Consistency approx. 8 cm
Adhesion to concrete ≥ 0.8 MPa
Adhesion to mineral wool ≥ 0.08 MPa
or damage in the mineral wool
Workability approx. 1 h
Adhesive workability after application of adhesive on the substrate 20 min
Yield approx. 20 dm³ out of 25 kg
approx. 0.8 dm³ out of 1 kg
Coverage while bonding boards between 4.5 and 5.5 kg/m²
Coverage while embedding mesh between 5 and 6 kg/m²

Additional information

Weight 25 kg