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Rendering Material

Enhance the kerb appeal of your property
with fresh external render

Alpol Rendering, we have a great deal of experience working on different types of external renders and can assist you in making the right choice for your property. We can achieve the look and finish you desire. Our services are available throughout UK and in Leeds.

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we are one of the leading rendering specialists in Leeds Committed to ensuring both a premier customer service and a top quality product, we make certain that by the time we’re done, the exterior of your house is perfectly finished and absolutely pristine.  Alpol UK is a Rendering Material company offering house rendering in Leeds with a reputation for providing high quality work. We only use the finest materials from one of the leading brands in exterior rendering and coating products. We have  years of experience in rendering homes and businesses throughout UK.

What is Rendering?

House Rendering Material is the process of applying a rendered finish to your external walls, leaving the walls with an attractive and decorative finish. Rendering can be performed on existing buildings to rejuvenate their appearance, but can also be used on new build projects to add kerb appeal, insulate the buildings, and reduce the maintenance required in the future due to its weatherproofing properties.

The Rendering Material we use ensures fast application, which reduces the required time on site. Alpol Rendering Solutions are specialists in all aspects. You can expect these benefits below;

  • Add value to your home and save on costs:

  • Make your home more energy efficient:

  • Weatherproof your home:

  • Give your home kerb appeal:

What material are used for Rendering?

 The main components of renders are cement, sand, lime and water. A common mix ratio used for rendering is 6 parts sand, 1 part cement and 1 part lime. Any general purpose cement can be used, although the sand should be fine and clean of impurities.

What is the best material for rendering?
Lime plaster is a great option for those looking for a breathable house rendering system. The advantages of lime render in include: It is more flexible than cement. It is breathable so prevents problems with moisture getting trapped within the wall — a common problem where cement renders are applied to old walls.

What is Resin Render?

 Resin Renders Traditional and Colored Render is a type of decorative finish applied to the outside of buildings, providing weather protection and an attractive finish.

Can I use resin on walls?

Resin Rendering are also highly durable and can withstand daily use – they are also resistant to limescale and mold. This easy to maintain finish makes our resin walls a viable alternative for practical wall solutions.

What are the three types of rendering?

  1. Cement rendering.
  2. Acrylic rendering.

Polymer rendering.

What is the difference between render and roughcast?

Compared to smooth render, roughcast is particularly advantageous in exposed districts because its heavy texture creates a larger surface area that aids moisture absorption and evaporation. Additionally, the application method allows use of a mortar mix less prone to shrinkage while curing.

What materials do you need to render outside wall?


Lime render

Lime render is the best option for old homes. 

Cement render This is the standard choice on external walls.

Polymer render

Usually cement or lime-based, they have polymers and other plastics added to them to help prevent cracking.

Why Rendering Your Property with alpol Best Rendering materials?

1. protect the underlying walling material from the effects of weathering and rainwater penetration

2. To provide an Toattractive appearance to the house

Best Render Suppliers in Leeds 

Looking for Best Render suppliers near ? We have an extensive Stock of Rendering materials  through out the UK and supplying our ranges of rendering materials including Resin Renders.
Alpol UK is one of the most Experience and Trusted Render suppliers near your area you can visit our google Profile to see positive reviews from our clients.
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Experts in their work and Quality Products used
David South
David South
David south
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Only wanted to try this out as the pricings were great and made a big difference on material costing, by far the best materials I have used in a long time and such easy process to order either on the website or by driving down. Definate winner well done Miro, great servie
Balbinder Panesar
Balbinder Panesar
Balbinder Panesar
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I purchased the AT 381 Nano-silicone dashed plaster 1.5 mm for my house and I've to say it doesn't exactly what it says on the tin "For making decorative thin-coat internal and external plaster coatings (e.g. for ALPOL EKO PLUS STANDARD and ALPOL EKO PLUS PREMIUM thermal insulation systems) that are highly resistant to dirt and biocorrosion. The watertight internal microstructure of the plaster ensures effective and even self-cleaning capacity if subject to rainfall, while simultaneously limiting damp patches. NanoBioResistant® passive-aggressive formula combines antibacterial and antifungal properties of active molecules (passive protection) and latest-generation capsular shell biocides (active protection), providing a complete and long-lasting protection against biocorrosion. Integrally coloured according to ALPOL COLOR range. AT 381÷387 plasters are intended for manual application. Dashed plasters can be applied by means of mechanical spraying." It wasn't too far to travel from Bradford to their location at 178 Easterley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire ,LS8 3AD. Next time they said they will offer me FREE delivery which his great to know Miro and his team we're very professional in selling me the silicone dashed plaster he told me how to apply it and what not to do. They customer service was brilliant and even said to call him anytime if I occurred any problem. Thank you Miro and the team.
kaka figo
kaka figo
kaka figo
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Good Quality Product used by Alpol UK Thanks Miro for your Excellent services One of the Best Rendering service provider for me
Lian frankie
Lian frankie
Lian frankie
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Our teams used to use a range of different materials , we are so glad we started using these ones and they keep expanding . Delivery is always great too they go above and beyond too make sure our lads are sorted . Very friendly company too it’s a 5 stars from me
project completed